When manufacturers need long-lasting elastomeric components that just work, they choose Westland Technologies for custom-engineered solutions. Our most common applications include:

Food Harvesting Machinery Components

Food harvesting equipment uses rubber components to assist in the gathering of produce without damaging the food or the trees. Westland Technologies is a major supplier of such components to the fruit, nut and vegetable-growing industries.

Rubber Grippers and Cushions

Rubber grippers and cushions in food processing machinery must be able to gently process even the most delicate of foods. Westland Technologies molds components used to peel, seed and remove pits from a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

Boots and Bellows

Rubber boots and bellows protect moving or rotating components. Westland Technologies produces boots of various sizes and materials.

Flexible Driveline Coupling Elements

Westland Technologies' E-Z Flex elements absorb abuse and keep your couplings operating. Alternating strands of synthetic cords give E-Z Flex its extraordinary strength and flexibility. The E-Z Flex is available in standard rubber or neoprene in sizes FE-5 through FE-24.

Fabric-reinforced Parts

Fabrics are outstanding reinforcing materials for rubber parts. They add strength while allowing the part to remain flexible. Westland Technologies has extensive experience molding parts with fabric reinforcement.

Water Seals Conforming to NSF-61

Seals and gaskets for drinking water must meet rigorous standards. Westland Technologies holds National Sanitation Foundation's tough Standard 61 approval. This approval ensures the materials and processes used to manufacture drinking water contact parts meet health and safety requirements.

Gas Line Seals

Westland Technologies' pipe seals are not limited to water service. We have produced tens of thousands for the natural gas industry. We can produce seals with or without brass spring inserts. Careful selection of compounds and tight control of the molding process ensure high quality every time.

Custom Gaskets

To the casual observer, a rubber gasket might seem an ordinary item, but if you rely on a gasket to maintain a seal day in and day out, you need extraordinary performance. Westland understands this. We produce your gasket to work reliably under any condition.

Direct Fixation Rail Pads

Trains produce a lot of noise and vibration. Westland Technologies' direct fixation rail pads provide a sound solution. These molded elastomer and iron composites greatly reduce noise and vibration, effectively shielding passengers and bystanders alike in a number of cities today.